Fiscal Year-End Message


Dear parishioners,


            Thank you for your generosity and sacrifice to support the diocesan appeal for Vibrant Ministries.  Fr. Jacob, our new parochial vicar, is facilitating our parish participation in the specific initiative of “Prayer and Action” by chaperoning a number of our youth for a week in Jetmore, just one of the many ministries that are in need of funding on the diocesan level, most importantly, our support of the charitable work of Catholic Charities locally and internationally.  From our parish Feast Day raffle of the donated car, I, the Pastoral and Finance Councils agreed to give one-half of the fruits of that raffle to move our parish closer to its goal.  Fr. Jacob is a first fruit of the appeal.  We need your family to complete your three year commitment, and if you have yet to make a commitment, please do so to complete our parish obligation to the diocese.


            I realize that the downturn in gas and oil economy has affected many families; yet we remain very blessed and are called to constantly share that blessing.  For your ease and convenience, we have invested in on line giving opportunity at or by setting up a text to give on your wireless device by texting an amount to 620-869-0002.    On-line, you are able to set up automatic contributions to our parish, so that when you travel or otherwise unable to assist at the Eucharist, our parish has the constant income to meet heating and cooling costs, staff salaries, and the constant need for operating expenses, materials and repairs.   Please notify the parish if you no longer need to receive envelopes by mail.   


             Our Jubilee Year challenged our operating budget because of the publishing of the centennial book, (which we still have many copies available at the office), our celebrations, and our investment in an outdoor stations of the cross.  The year ahead looks to be a challenge because of the local economy and the commitment to the Vibrant Ministries Appeal contributions.   Please consider your method and amount of giving and see if you can stretch a bit.  We indeed are blessed in the Catholic faith we have been given.  Let us fully embrace the call to share that faith and preserve it for the future generations. 




Fr. Jim