Greetings from Guatemala...

   It has been one month down here in beautiful Antigua and my studies are well underway! I live with a family about 20 minute walk from my school Probigua. My teacher is very patient, and kind, and I think perhaps this Lent will be especially penitential for her! We work on fixing errors in my Spanish and learning new materials each morning. Then in the afternoons I find myself doing homework and helping at several of the parishes here in town.

   I hear confession at the Merced, fill in for mass at the Cathedral and offer mass for a convent and school with the Religious sister of Belen! Basically, I like to think of myself as 1-800 call a priest! When there is a need they call me to help.

   Besides the fact that the chasubles are like t-shirts on me things are going well—apparently there are not a lot of 6’ 1” Guatemalan priests!

   In this Lenten season I can’t help but reflect on the desert. Christ was led into the desert for 40 days, you all are quite literally in a desert as the drought continues and I am in the purifying studies of a language immersion. All of us in our own way are being purified and ask to trust our Lord and just take the next step. I hope and pray that all of us can let the cross of Christ be our sure support this Lent.

Know of my daily prayers and please keep me yours as well.

In Christ,

Fr. Jacob